Using SFTP

FileZilla is an FTP client that lets you access and manages your server files with ease. When uploading and downloading files to your server, especially planets and other large files, we recommend that you utilize this method.


The external programme that will be addressed in this guide to get started is FileZilla. However, there are a lot of programmes that accomplish the same thing.


1. Download and install the FileZilla Client for your system.

2. On your server control panel, navigate to Settings

image of the settings in tab

Example of sftp details

3. Copy the "Server Address" field and paste it into the "Host" field of FileZilla.

4. Copy the "Username" field and paste it into the "Username" field of FileZilla.

5. Enter your Game Control Panel Password in the "Password" field of FileZilla and press Quickconnect. You should now be connected to your server's FTP.

FileZilla login


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