Creating a Custom Server IP with Cloudflare

In order for a player to join your Minecraft server, they'll need your server address, which they may type into their client.

A server address looks like this by default: However, it can be perplexing. You'll want something that's simple to read and remember. You can do this by utilizing a domain (e.g. or a subdomain to personalize your server address (e.g.

Note: To manage your domain's DNS settings on Cloudflare, you must have full access.

This article will show you how to use Cloudflare to generate a custom IP with a domain.

1. Go to your Cloudflare account and sign in. Select the domain you wish to use from the Select Website menu in the upper-left corner of your Cloudflare dashboard.


2. Click the DNS option on the page for your domain.



3. You'll need to create an A Record on the DNS page, and the entries will differ depending on whether you're using a domain (e.g. or a subdomain (e.g. as your custom IP:


 - Type: A

 - Name: @

 - IPv4 address: Your Minecraft Server IP e.g

 - TTL: Automatic TLL (default)





 - Type: A

 - Name: play

 - IPv4 address: Your Minecraft Server IP e.g

 - TTL: Automatic TLL (default)


After you've completed all of the fields, click the Save button.

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